Practical Fighting Pistol 101

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As an instructor I understand it is easy to get into a habit of using paper targets or even steel targets excessively.  Yet as instructors and continuous students ourselves we also need to appreciate the value of newer and more “Practical” target systems as they become available and of course be willing to put them to the test ourselves.

Part of that is understanding the Pros & Cons of each target system that we utilize

This was the 1st Practical Fighting Pistol Class taught using this target system from  They have great customer service and have consistently returned my phone calls within 48 hours of leaving a message.  This product is made in the USA and uses 100% recyclable materials.

Both my students and I truly enjoyed this target system as it allowed them to not only get hands on with the target but also shoot from retention position and get better visual feedback then they would normally get from shooting at a 1 dimensional paper target.

Included are a couple of videos utilizing a moving target system I have built along with a video of a close contract drill using the rubberdummie target system.

Practical Pistol One 7-25-16 Moving Target 7yd video 2

Practical Pistol One 7-25-16 rubber dummy close contact video 1


Feel free to ask any questions about either the training, the targets used or any drills demonstrated.  Keep in mind this is an 8 hour course and focuses on not just Hardware but also Software and understanding what the 6 domains of Situational Awareness are, Learning about Ability/Opportunity/Jeopardy and how it pertains to Use of Deadly Force.  Students are also given several drills to practice outside of class to build upon their awareness skills.

My duty as an instructor is to help prepare you to the best of my ability using my knowledge, experience and skills.  While I appreciate the opportunity to assist you along your and value your trust I also recommend that you train with multiple instructors as we all have our own varied backgrounds, knowledge and experiences.

None of us know it all but we are eager to share what we do.



A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.  The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.



Pierce Kibbey

Founder/Chief Instructor


Lakeland, FL





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