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Prepared Citizen defends her life

This is a great learning experience and I am happy to see that it is one she will be able to live and tell. So lets have a discussion:

1. Based on “Your” current level of training or experience do you feel that you would “Rise to this occasion, or sink to your Level of Training” as Lt. Col. Dave Grossman speaks about?

2. How readily accessible is your firearm to you when you are at your home or office? As you can see from this video; this victim (women) was able to retrieve her firearm pretty quickly.

3. Imagine this is your home and your home is invaded like this; do YOU truly believe that if this woman had not had a firearm readily available the outcome would have been the same?
a) What if she would have had to run from one part of the house to another to get her firearm and had to cross that entry area to do it?
b) Do you have a split floor plan, and if you do is a firearm(s) within easy reach or readily available. If not then you may want to re-think your home defense strategy and keep a firearm readily available on your person or staged in 1 or more safe areas around your house. (ie: areas you are often in such as laundry, kitchen, dining, kids room, bathroom, etc.)

4. As you can she this woman had the right mindset (FIGHT) and charged them which caused them to utilize the “Flight” response as she started sending rounds their way; so much so that one of the attackers literally ran through a glass sliding door. (1:14 time frame). She clearly was able to work the O.O.D.A loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) per Lt. Col Boyd to her advantage in a very short period of time.

5. Speed, aggression, decisiveness and surprise gave her the biggest advantage as you can she the determination on your face as she faced 3 attackers and won, and reduced their numbers down to 2.

A couple things I would like to point out are as follows:

1. At no point in time did I observe her using any fancy strobe techniques or even a flashlight. It is your responsibility to identify the threat but it looks as though she had enough ambient light from a hallway & kitchen light being on to see the attacker with the firearm or maybe just his firearm and I would be surprised if their was not some audio involved from both sides also.

2. She also did not use any fancy shooting technique to take the fight to them. She only engaged the attackers throughout this video with 1 hand. This is something you often you see with deadly force encounters that are being reacted to they often involve the use of 1 hand as opposed to something that was planned and you have the time on your side to get a good 2 handed grip on the gun.
a) Do YOU believe she had the time to line up a shot with her front sight? Or do you from your own observations believe she used point or instinctive shooting?
b) I know I teach point/instinctive shooting for this reason along with proper utilization of your sights (providing you have the time.) Based on my own personal experiences and knowledge.

3. She did in fact have her cell phone on her which was good thinking on her part and it allowed her to call Law Enforcement once the attackers had left.

4. She only had the rounds that were immediately available in the gun when she grabbed it and she used all of them without having any additional magazines available. In this scenario it worked in her favor; however, if they had decided to come back she would have been better served getting her gun ready to be back in fight and doing her best to either block the doors they used to get in house or to move to a better position of cover such as a bedroom and wait for arrival of Law Enforcement. Although she at least closed the front door back.

5. You can see her duck initially at beginning where she is in doorway which leads me to believe that was her flinch response to her attacker discharging a round (aka: bullet) at her and she does it again by the door as she is chasing the attackers out of the dwelling. Other then that at no time does she use any other deliberate cover.

Biggest question I have is whether the door had been secured or not as the video shows at (0.59 seconds) that the door appears to not have been closed properly as it clearly looks partially open. So either the video does not show it being kicked open either from any pieces of the door jamb coming off or someones foot kicking it, or even the door vibrating/shaking from it being kicked. Although you can see from how the door bounces off the wall once its opened that it was done with force.

7. You also see that the attackers 1st scumbag standing off to side by hinges to cover area once door is opened and out of line of fire and he is then followed by the second scumbag close on his heels, with the 3rd scumbag in rear who has clearly watched to many movies based on his body language as he comes in.

In summary I applaud this women for her having a FIGHT mindset and bringing the fight to them, having her phone with her and even after exchanging several shots with the attackers still managing to call 911 towards end and she is still sending rounds downrange at the attackers.

It is hard to know from what data we have at what point the attackers stopped being a threat; or if they stopped at all as they ran out front door. You can clearly see she was still shooting at them even after momentary pause as it looks like she is assessing the situation/threat(s). But she STAYED in the fight!

Know your laws of your area and understand that once the attackers stop being an Immediate threat to life and/or grievous bodily injury (yours or someone else’s) that you are not usually legally justified to keep shooting.

I would like to know if she had any formal training in firearms and/or home defense and whether or not it was relatively recent.

As I asked in the beginning will you rise to the occasion because YOU have invested time and money in “QUALITY” training or did you just do the bare minimum to get your gun and or carry it concealed? If your answer is the bare minimum then I ask you if you like to gamble as that is exactly what your doing and it may not just be with your life…….

Go out and find a quality instructor whether it be myself or another capable instructor and attend their training so at the end of it all you will know YOU did your best to get the most out of your investment of time and money.

Great job and my hat is off to this Responsible & Armed Citizen.”

Feel free to comment, intelligently preferably…..

Pierce Kibbey
Founder/Chief Instructor
Lakeland, FL

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