Your worst fear just happened, instead of being at home with all that food, weapons and gear you have saved up over the years to be prepared; you instead have only your Mindset, your Training, and what you have on you or in your B.O.B to make it home.

We challenge you to come take part in our Dynamic Survival training course………..Our Instructors are up to the Challenge, are you……? Training covered: Needs vs. Wants – Cover vs. Concealment Target assessment – Weapons target engagement Moving as an individual, with a family or a team through a dangerous area with only one weapon Protecting more than one person with one or more weapons – Moving and engaging single and multiple targets. Route Selection (Fatal Funnels/Choke Points) – Securing a structure for long or short period of time. Site Security (rotations / Listening Points “LP”/ Observation Points “OP”) Limited to first 30 students This class is hosted by Chaos Tactical & PRACTICs Inc. in association with Urban Combat Airsoft centrally located in Lakeland, Florida