This is our Advanced level course for those that are highly experienced with AR-15/M4 Carbines

This course is an 24 hour – 3 Day course that goes over the following:

Review of the following:


Situational Awareness

Threat Indicators

4 Basic Rules of Firearm Safety

Holy Trinity of Use of Force

Proper Grip(s), Stance, sight picture, sight alignment

Natural Point of Aim

“Getting off the X”

Considerations for Home Defense, Vehicle Get Home Gun

Movement in Close Quarters

Movement with multiple People

Movement in and around Vehicle

Improvised Shooting Positions

Ambidextrous Shooting

Point of Aim vs. Point of Impact

Ballistic Trajectory

Types of Reloads

Immediate Action Drills

Introduction to using Pistol with Carbine


Alternate Shooting Methods

Carbine to Pistol Transitions

Moving and Shooting

Target Transitions

Low Light Shooting

Force on Force Retention Skills

Low Light Movement

Low Light Reloading

CQB & Clearing Techniques

Timers vs. Switches

Self Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

Breaking Contact

Minimum equipment:

  • One (1) Semi-automatic rifle with iron sights (Optics optional) ie: iron sights, holographic, red dot, or telescopic.
  • Three (3) thirty (30) round magazines for the rifle or four(4) twenty round magazines
  • 1000 hundred rounds
  • One (1) Pistol; preferably semi-automatic 9mm or larger.
  • Two (2) Magazines Minimum
  • Speed loaders for Revolvers (ie: moon clips)
  • 300 rounds for pistol
  • Sling for rifle. Preferably modern two point sling (I.E. Viking Tactics, Blue Force Gear Vickers, etc.)
  • IFAK or equivalent trauma first aid kit
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hat
  • Wet weather gear. (Unless weather becomes unsafe to operate, class will continue)
  • Pen and note pad.

Optional gear:

  • Means to carry magazines(cargo pockets are fine)
  • Sunblock
  • Waterproof ground cover(for zeroing)

This is a pre-requisite course to the Advanced Courses, along with Specialty courses.  If a student has certification from a reputable training agency or instructor, and/or demonstrates the skills appropriate for the requested course consideration will be given