This is our Entry level course for those that have little to no experience with AR-15/M4 Carbines

This course is an 8 hour course that goes over the following:


Situational Awareness

Threat Indicators

4 Basic Rules of Firearm Safety

Parts of the Rifle

Disassembly, Cleaning and Safe Storage of a the AR15-M4

Introduction to Holy Trinity of Use of Force

Proper Grip(s), Stance, sight picture, sight alignment

Shooting Positions

Loading & Unloading

Natural Point of Aim

Sling Options

Dry Fire and Live Fire Drills

Basics of “Getting off the X”

Considerations for Home Defense, Vehicle Get Home Gun

Minimum equipment:

  • One (1) Semi-automatic rifle with iron sights (Optics optional) ie: iron sights, holographic, red dot, or telescopic.
  • Three (3) thirty (30) round magazines for the rifle or four(4) twenty round magazines
  • Two hundred (200) rounds
  • Sling for rifle. Preferably modern two point sling (I.E. Viking Tactics, Blue Force Gear Vickers, etc.)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Hat
  • Wet weather gear. (Unless weather becomes unsafe to operate, class will continue)
  • Pen and note pad.

Optional gear:

  • Means to carry magazines(cargo pockets are fine)
  • Sunblock
  • Waterproof ground cover(for zeroing)

This is a pre-requisite course to the Intermediate and Advanced Courses, along with Specialty courses.  If a student has certification from a reputable training agency or instructor, and/or demonstrates the skills appropriate for the requested course consideration will be given.